DOT Physicals

We offer a physical exam that meets US DOT and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requirements for a commercial driver’s license.

What to know before your visit

  • If you require corrective lenses, or hearing aid, bring them with you.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and bring any required information needed to fill out the DOT Medical Examination Report; “Driver Information,” and “Health History” sections as well as a list of any current medications.
  • Avoid excess stimulants, caffeine and nicotine prior to the exam, and drink water in preparation to providing urine for testing.
  • A DOT physical should not replace an annual wellness physical.

What to expect at your visit

  • Review of your health history
  • Collect urine for testing
  • A physical exam

We will complete your Medical Examination Report for Commercial Driver Fitness Determination form, provide a summary of your exam and a Medical Examiner’s Certificate as appropriate. We also can send the summary to your primary care provider at your request.

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DOT physical exam $90
DOT urine drug screen $60
DOT breath alcohol test $50

A valid driver’s license is required and we ask that patients bring any pertinent medical documentation (medications, surgeries, CPAP documentation, etc.)

Group discounts are also available for employers.