East Beach Beauty

East Beach Urgent Care is so excited to announce the grand opening of East Beach Beauty

Owned and operated by our own Hailey Hughes, PA-C!

Hailey is operating East Beach Beauty within EBUC’s facility, but is also offering mobile services within a 5 mile radius of East Beach! Consultations with Hailey are FREE and offered both in person and virtually. Offered services include neuromodulators (Botox and Dysport), vitamin injections (lipo mino mix, vitamin B12), and Botox parties!

For information regarding East Beach Beauty’s competitive pricing, please contact Hailey directly!

To learn more about hosting a Botox party, please text Hailey at 757-797-4261! The host and all participants will receive a discount on Botox/Dysport! Please note, a minimum of four participants (including the host) is required to reserve a Botox party.

To book an appointment or a free consultation, please visit https://eastbeachbeauty.myaestheticrecord.com/online-booking

For more information, please call/text 757-797-4261!